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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  March 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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first at four -- rain is pushing through the tri-state right now.9 first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh is tracking where things stand. then, a more defined area of stronger showers and storms will push east across the tri-state through 4 p.m. this is when we could see damaging wind gusts and an isolated tornado. the storm prediction center has most of the tri-
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severe storms, but still has the slight risk for our southern and eastern counties. highs reach the mid 50s by 2 p.m. and then temperatures fall quickly this afternoon. we'll eventually see a rain to snow transition overnight. a few isolated snow showers will come down as we head into wednesday morning with little to no accumulation. this means no worries on the roads for the wednesday morning rush. thursday will bring yet another chance of light snow but it will change over quickly to rain here in the tri-state. we are still tracking this system, so we'll let you know if anything
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breaking news about what happened before a 14 year old student opened fire at madison high school yesterday.our partners at the journal news say authorities have learned that james austin hancock showed another students his gun and as that student was alerting officials... shots were fired in the cafeteria. hancock faces six charges including attempted murder.he pleaded not guilt to those charges in juvenile court today.and we're learning more about what he did after the shooting, but before his arrest. 9 on your side's jay warren is live to kick off our team coverage.jay? fourteen year old james austin hancock denied the attempted murder charges here at butler county juvenile court--but in the day since the shooting we have now learned that there is a video of the shooting although that is something that is not being released-- today sheriff richard jones
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officer responded back to the cafeteria in nine seconds after the shootingsheriff jones says that after the shooting hancock fled the school out of the cafeteria doors and through the parking lot at the high school and up this hill towards highway 122 it was on top of the hill that hancock reportedly dropped the .380 calibre handgun that he had and kept running for these woodsbut it was there that ultimately deputies and police would capture him ((sheriff richard jones/butler county))"the way i understand it and went to the principles office heard the crack crack crack he knew it was gunfire he took off immediately nine seconds that's fast." now hancock is due back in juvenile court on the fifty of april for a pre-trial hearing and it will be at that point where we learn whether the
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to try this fourteen year old as an adult--coming up at five o'clock i have an interview with the prosecutor about the process jay warren 9 on your side hamilton we are learning a little more today about the victims of this shooting. shooting.14 year old katherine doucette played eighth grade football this past fall.cooper caffrey also played football. we already knew he was on the wrestling team with hancock. school will be back in session tomorrow at madison. the now's kristen swilley talked to the superintendent about plans to put students' nerves at ease. kristen:every single person on madison staff is inside that
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figure out how to move forward after a shooting that injured four and left so many concerned for their safety. sot: philpot, 7 seconds "we believe getting kids back in school as soon as possible with supports is the best for them." vo: superintendent curtis philpot made his mission clear... getting things back to normal. that starts with students heading back through these doors tomorrow... today, the whole staff was back inside... sot: curtis philpot, 9 seconds "teachers, classified staff, custodians, aids, cooks, bus drivers. everywhere that takes a paycheck from this place we'll be meeting with."vo:that staff will be in place throughout the student's first day back... even greeting them on the school bus as they board....they'll also fill a room likely to be on everyone's mind. sot: curtis philpot, 10 seconds "we'll also have additional supports in our cafeteria. we're very concerned about students returning to the cafeteria, so we'll have additional supports
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days.vo: there is a crisis response team inside to talk to staff members who need someone to talk to.... counselors tomorrow for students in the media center. and tonight a walk through at the school from 6-7:30. sot: curtis philpot, 4 seconds "so families can feel comfortable with their return to school tomorrow."vo: and eventually get the home of the mohawks back to a place where they feel safe.sot: curtis philpot, 5 seconds again with our goal of returning to as much normalcy as we can." kristen: that walk through starting right here at 6. reporting at madison... kristen swilley....for the now cincinnati. the nows briana harper continues our team coverage now- she is live at the school with more on how the small community is reacting one day later. the reality of what happened yesterday in this school behind me is still sinking in for parents and students.but as i spoke to people in the area today, i found it's even
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involved.. and one man, who graduated decades ago, gave us a little perspective. "i really couldn't believe it cause we usually don't have that kind of trouble around the schools."a new normal here in madison township as residents try to accept news of a school shooting happening so close to home.vernon helton has lived in the community for over 60 years and calls himself a proud graduate of madison local schools.but says during his time things were different.vernon helton// madison township resident "everybody maybe might have fight a little bit amoung themselves, but not nothing devastating like that."another thing that has changed --- is the way support and information is spread. following monday's school shooting, people took to social media immediately using hashtags like mohawakstrong and prayformadison.this generation is growing up under different circumstances.. from
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threats at school becoming more common.. .. but helton believes the community that he's called home for so long can make a comeback using a timeless strategy: by sticking together. "kids accept things easier than a lot of the adults so i think they'll fall right back in place where it should be." our coverage continues throughout the evening on 9 on your side. anchor chris riva talks to a mother who's not sure she wants to let her kids return to school and you'll also hear from people who knew the suspected gunman very well. for now, reporting live in madison township briana harper, the now cincinnati. authorities have just released new 911 calls from the shooting.the call you are about to hear is from two students who started walking to a friends house after the shooting and stayed on the phone for their ten minute walk. walk.43-50 you're an 8th grader, where are you?i'm at the football field. they were shooting in the lunch room are
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one more thing we learned today -- the butler county sheriff's office says there is *no connection between yesterday's shooting at madison high school -- and a teenager from middletown high school who found with a gun yesterday. yesterday.there were some worried the cases may have been connected.that middletown teen may face charges. in other news..the man accused of murdering his brother at a church on sunday will face charges. charges.police say 68 year old daniel schooler shot and killed his brother, the reverend william schooler.they say he pulled the trigger as the reverend was finishing services at st. peter's missionary baptisth church on sunday.schooler is charged with murder, felonious assault and using a weapon despite previous trouble with the law. dayton police say the shooting was domestic and the rest of the congregation was never in any danger. a mother confesses she put benadryl in her son's feeding tube -- posing a dangerous health risk. risk.jessica valik was arrested last september while her four year old son was at cincinnati children's hospital.
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have killed the child.the boy was being treated for a rare and debilitating skin condition at the time.her confession is part of a plea deal with prosecutors. bad luck for passengers on a dream trip to the carribean! carribean!why a ship well known to the world is headed back to port early -- for the second time this year! it's the biggest primary day yet.. super tuesday.. and a lot is at stake.. we will
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breaking news -- the new york times is reporting that former cincinnati red aroldis chapman is being suspended for 30 games.this is being handed down by the major league baseball commissioner... under its domestic violence policy. chapman's suspension will dock his pay one point seven million dollars.chapman now plays for the new york yankees. he will be eligible to play may's important to note that chapman was never officially charged with domestic violence. in a statement just released by
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deny hurting his girlfriend - but admits he could have made better decisions.he doesn't plan to appeal this suspension. it all comes down to this... super tuesday is certainly not the end of the fight to win the democratic and republican presidential nominations... but it is most likely a defining moment in the process. process. today is when the most states vote all at the same time in primaries and caucuses. here's a look at the process in springfield, massachusetts. pretty quiet while we were there. a similar scene in savannah, georgia. analysts expect this will be a make-or-break moment for both ben carson and john kasich especially. ted cruz and marco rubio are hoping to gain traction against front-runner donald trump. and hillary clinton is hoping to establish herself as the undisputed frontrunner over bernie sanders for the democrats.the now's todd walker is in texas, the state with the most delegates up for grabs today, with a look at the numbers: numbers: (todd adlib)there are 1,460
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today..865 for democrats..595 for far.. only 2 percent of democratic delegates have been allocated.. and 5 percent of the republicans..later today that will jump up to 24 percent for democrats and 30 percent for the g-o-p..that's why today is such a big deal. and texas is the biggest prize..155 delegates for the republicans.. 252 for democrats -page 2-for donald trump.. the delegate count is already in his favor.. he's expected to take most of the states.. except here in texas.. that's got ted cruz pretty happy. -page 3--for the democrats.. of the pledged delegates.. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are pretty close.. hillary does have a lead.. but it's not insurmountable right now.. hillary is expected to do really well today.. so this
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her..-page 4--but if you add in the democratic super delegates.. who are party big wigs.. and get to make their own choices.. hillary clinton is wayyy out front that sticks in the craw of bernie sanders supporters.. but that's the structure the democrats have had for a few decades this could very well be the day that the race starts to truly take shape.. at least by the in houston.. todd walker for the now. now. looking past super tuesday... republican frontrunner donald trump could the nomination. nomination. a new nationwide poll shows if the general election happened today both hillary clinton and clinton has 52-percent support among registered voters compared to 44-percent for trump. sanders would win with 55-percent support compared to 43-percent for
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beat marco rubio and ted cruz in head-to-head match-ups. but clinton wouldn't win as readily as sanders. the survey also asked voters which of the candidates they trust the most to handle top issues. trump tops the list on immigration, terrorism and the economy. voters say clinton would do best with foreign policy, race relations and health care. the survey is split between trump and clinton on gun policy. trump made a bee-line for ohio today, stopping in columbus ahead of the march 15th primary. primary.he spoke at a hangar at port columbus international's his second stop in ohio.he was greeted by a huge cheer when he stepped off his private jet ... but not everyone in the crowd was pro trump ...four protesters were kicked out for displaying a mexican and u-s flag during the speech.another two protesters were escorted out chorus of boos ... take a listen ... crowd booingtrump: goodbye by the way do we love our police tehy do such a great jobcheering cheering
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it's a winner take all state. and governor john kasich is still in the presidential race. kasich says he will stay in the race until at least ohio -- where new polls show him losing ground to trump.ohio's republican party has vowed support to kasich. as hillary clinton focuses on super tuesday results right now, the state department released the final e-mails connected to her time as secretary of state. state. it's part of the investigation into whether she compromised national security when she used a personal e- mail server for work. in all... more than 2-thousand e- mails contain information that's now considered classified. but at the time they were sent, that was not the case. the released documents total more than 30- thousand e-mails... more than 52-thousand pages. clinton maintains she did nothing
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then, a more defined area of stronger showers and storms will push east across the tri-state through 4 p.m. this is when we could see damaging wind gusts and an isolated tornado. the storm prediction center has most of the tri- state in a marginal risk of severe storms, but still has the slight risk for our southern and eastern counties. highs reach the mid 50s by 2 p.m. and then temperatures fall quickly this afternoon. we'll eventually see a rain to snow transition overnight. a few isolated snow showers will come down as we head into wednesday morning with little to no accumulation. this means no worries on the roads for the wednesday morning rush. thursday will bring yet another chance of light snow but it will change over quickly to rain here in the tri-state. we are still tracking this system, so we'll let you know if anything
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more bad luck for royal caribbean's ship, 'anthem of the seas'.just a month after riding out a violent storm that packed hurricane force winds -- the ship is cutting a trip early and racing to port -- because of another storm. storm.the ship ended a trip to the eastern caribbean two days officials say it is headed back to new jersey now.but that's not all. passengers are battling the norovirus -- about ten guests a day are reporting symptoms. :27 haley dostigam/passenger we actually did a walk by the medical facility to get off the boat and the medical facility was jam packed, standing room only, literally just full of people and that's when we kind of went whoa?this is not good. good.the company says norovirus didn't impact the decision to bring the ship stateside early. a man uses a shopping cart --
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crime!how he turned it into a weapon and helped police catch
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he's known as the "anonymous shopping cart guy"... and officers are thanking him on social media. police in portland posted this surveillance video on facebook. you can see officers were chasing a suspect through a grocery store. that's when a quick- thinking shopper pushed his cart in the way, causing the suspect to trip. officers made their arrest... and the unidentified shopper picked up his cart and continued down the aisle. police posted, 'thanks for sacrificing your groceries to stop a fleeing suspect.' by the way, that suspect was not hurt, and arrested on charges including disorderly conduct and parole violation. right now astronaut scott kelly is headed back to earth after spending a historic year in space. he tweeted out his last sunrise from space this morning. the international space station has been his home for the last 340 days. that's double the
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you're looking live right now inside kelly's home for the last year. when he lands, scientists will monitor him over the next few months to learn how living in space for that long affects the human body. they plan to use what they find out to eventually send astronauts to mars. what if you could fly anywhere in the world in just six hours? nasa is working on a commercial supersonic jet that could do just that. it's designed to go faster than the speed of sound. this type of travel ended more than a decade ago when the concorde was grounded. but nasa is trying to bring it back. this time with a design that will use less fuel and be quieter. only one person can fit in the prototype. but nasa says eventually the technology could be used to make a jet that holds 1-hundred people. big trouble for quarterback johnny manziel. manziel.the after hour activities that have landed him back in the headlines now. and cincinnati gets big kudos
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to our city.the magazine
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welcome back to the now cincinnati... turning to weather -- this is a look out of the balcony at our studios here at the bottom of mount adams.
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then, a more defined area of stronger showers and storms will push east across the tri-state through 4 p.m. this is when we could see damaging wind gusts and an isolated tornado. the storm prediction center has most of the tri- state in a marginal risk of severe storms, but still has the slight risk for our southern and eastern counties. highs reach the mid 50s by 2 p.m. and then temperatures fall quickly this afternoon. we'll eventually see a rain to snow transition overnight. a few isolated snow showers will come down as we head into wednesday morning with little to no accumulation. this means no worries on the roads for the wednesday morning rush. thursday will bring yet another chance of light snow but it will change over quickly to rain here in the tri-state. we are still tracking this system, so we'll let you know if anything changes. employees in the madison local school district spent the day
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they will welcome students back wednesday -- one day after a student opened fire. they started reporting at 10:00 a.m. at the junior/senior high school, where the shooting occurred on monday.many did not want to talk on camera about what they experienced in their classrooms.but, those who did praised the district's preparations and practice for active shooter scenarios. "we drill for this type of situation. of course, you never think it would happen, but it did and professionals reacted professionally, not just our staff, but our police force and first responders were awesome and communication was great. i appreciated what everbody did." did."crisis team members were on hand today in case the teachers needed to talk about their concerns. two people are now being questioned after a body found in a bracken county creek -- is confirmed to be that of a missing falmouth woman. woman.the family of 31 year old tara turner says her body was found sunday night by a fisherman near route eight.
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trying to figure out how she and friends say they knew something was wrong when she vanished in late january. "we knew. we was hoping differently, but we knew that if tara could call, tara would call. if tara could show up, tara would show up. we knew that something bad happened her." her."turner was mother to three children, who are now being cared for by other family members. a jogger is killed in indiana after being struck by a car. happened around 7 last night near greensburg at moscow road and veterans way. the victim -- 20 year old dorothy whitmore -- was out jogging when she was hit in the intersection.troopers are still investigating but drugs and alcohol have been ruled out. tonight -- the family of a man killed a decade ago will remember his life.jason wynn's body was found in 2006-- behind the church on forest avenue in this
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killed about an hour, family and friends will gather at the church where his body was found to remember him.the public is invited. today in columbus -- a national group took a step toward legalizing medical marijuana in ohio. ohio.the washington, d.c.-based marijuana policy project released the text of the ballot measure that voters will be asked to approve this fall.under the plan -- ohio would have guidelines similar to 23 other states and the district of columbia.patients with serious medical conditions would be able to buy marijuana for medical purposes but only with a doctor's approval.ohio voters said no to legalizing all marijuana last fall -- but many indicated they were in favor of legalizing medicinal use. ohio law enforcement and emergency services are getting some help from the state ... affording more doses of 'narcan.'attorney general mike dewine announced he's extended a rebate agreement with the manufacturer through next year.
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price of every dose of wholesale naloxone.narcan is used to reverse opiate overdoses. the ohio department of public safety says narcan was administered more than 16- thousand times last year. a heads up for downtown drivers.tomorrow is another round of street closures because of the streetcar project. project.this time -- race street between findlay and mcmicken will be closed for three hours -- starting around noon.henry street will also be closed between elm and race. this is all to make way for the delivery of the fourth street car.meantime -- testing is scheduled from noon to one thursday -- so look out for that as well. some good news to tell you about now.our city was given a shoutout in forbes magazine today! today!this time around -- the city's film commissions efforts were the focus.the articles writer, john oseid, pointed out how many scenes in the movie *carol were quintessential cincinnati, even though oseid didn't realize that while watching the movie.he also talked about the upcoming movies that also
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cheadle's miles ahead and marauders staring bruce willis. "the article touches on not just movie and filmwork thats been to town, but our restaurants, our livelihood and entertainment. i think its really captured sort of an essence of what cinti is like these days." you can read the article for yourself right's posted at forbes dot com.i'll tweet out a link for you too. today is the day -- a lot happening in the sports world. we start with the reds.the team opens up *cactus league play this afternoon against the cleveland indians.'s another sign the season is almost here.full team workouts started last week and single game tickets went on sale over the weekend. and how about this?tickets for this year's western & southern open tennis tournament are also now on sale.mark your calendars for this year's competition, which is august 13 through 21st.this is video from last year's competition. you can now buy single session
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event brings the biggest names in tennis to town.last year, both roger federer and serena williams defended their titles from 2014. cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel can't seem to stay out of trouble.there is new video posted by tmz showing him in a miami nightclub. tmz sports has released video of a man they say is manziel, in that nightclub wearing a big hat and sunglasses while drinking from a bottle. the video was reportedly taken just hours after dallas police said they were sending a domestic violence case to prosecutors.that case involves his ex-girlfriend who claims he hit her during an argument. new head coach hue jackson has said he has no plans to put up with bad behavior -- something many think was aimed at manziel. 1:14 sot: hue jackson: "that behavior will not be tolerated as we move forward // our organization is going to take a stand, and we're going to move on from those kind of situations.. situations..the browns are expected to release manziel sometime this month.manzie'ls
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it promises to help women -- but is the little pink pill worth the risk? risk?the new study that might have you rethinking its use. and what you can do if instead
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mosquitoes carrying the zika virus aren't in ohio -- but health officials are still preparing -- just in case there's an outbreak. outbreak.a meeting today included state agencies, local health departments and health care providers.zika is primarily spread through bites from infected mosquitoes.there is no vaccine for the virus, which is believed to cause birth defects in babies.most people who are infected show no symptoms. and while most don't show symptoms -- there is a new report linking zika virus to temporary paralysis! doctors looked at people who had guillain-barre syndrome. it leaves them unable to move, and in extreme cases, they end up on life support before they recover. nearly 90-percent of the patients in the study, reported symptoms associated with zika virus, days before they noticed symptoms of the syndrome. doctors say more study needs to be done to establish a definitive link.
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positive for the zika virus after traveling to an area where the virus is rapidly spreading has given birth. birth.(mark springer- epidemiologist) "at the time of her baby's birth they did do testing of the baby, the baby tested negative on all test for zika virus." virus."doctors say the child has shown no signs of any health issues related to the zika virus.all together -- health officials say nine american woman have contracted zika after traveling to infected countries.two of those woman miscarried.another two had abortions.another child was born with microcephaly -- resulting in a development. it promised to jump start a woman's libido -- but there are new allegations that the little pink pill doesn't work. work.the pill hasn't been on the market very long. researchers say they asked if the benefits of the pill outweighed the side effects and in a new study published in the journal of the american medical association those researchers say they don't. they found the number of side effects were numerous but the increase in the amount of
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encounter. chief women's health correspondent 1:06 this pill is not for everyone. can it help some women. but side effects versus placebo, dizziness nausea and fatigue fatigueashton says if you're concerned about a lack of desire -- you need to talk to your doctor about best treatment options.or consider a marriage councilor or sex therapist. 39:45 billboards tracking your cell phone...a major advertising company is about to do it and some people think
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you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... billboards that can track your cell phone without your consent. one of the country's biggest outdoor advertisers is starting a new program that does just that. the now's anne mcnamara explains why they'll be watching us. 41:05 i'm not a criminal. i'm not doing anything bad! like most of us...laura wilkey
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hidebut -- that doesn't mean she wants to be tracked while out walking the dog!laura wilkey | against billboard tracking40:32 it's actually rather horrifying to think that our privacy is being invaded once more clear channel outdoor...owner of thousands of billboards nationwide...unrolls its new cell phone tracking program -- monday. nats - clear channel commercial:30 radar measures consumers real world travel patterns and behaviors as they move through their day...anne mcnamara | @annemcnamaratv 40:01 clear channel says its billboards won't collect personal data from your phone, things like age and gender, but they will track where you're going. dr. steve beaty | metropolitan state university denver47:38 once you have multiple cell phone towers receiving a signal...what happens is triangulation...they know exactly where you are. security expert steve beaty says even if the information clear channel collects doesn't bother you may in the future. 49:52 we're moving along down the slippery slope. this is evolutionary. and all of a sudden it's like holy cow what have we allowed throughout time? and it's a whole lot of information.
4:46 pm measure how effective the billboard really reaching a target audience.yuheng cai | against billboard tracking43:34 whether i go to the grocery store is none of anybody's''s my thing.except's really not. 44:13 i feel like it's not right.for the now...i'm anne mcnamara. the 'radar' program will start in 11 major markets...including new york and los angeles. there are plans to unveil more billboard trackers in other cities by the end of the year. today the f-b-i is facing off with apple for the first time since the court battle over unlocking one of the san bernardino shooter's phones started. they're on capitol hill talking encryption. james comey | fbi director "there are no demons in this debate. the companies are not evil, the government's not evil, you have a whole lot of good people who see the world through different lenses, who care about things -- all care about the same things in my view." view." the f-b-i director says the government isn't trying to expand its surveillance power. but he's worried about "warrant- proof spaces" where law enforcement can't get critical information. apple warns writing new code to unlock the
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will create a backdoor... making phones vulnerable to hackers and government surveillance. as apple continues its legal standoff with the f-b-i, we're learning about more cases in which the company's being pressured to unlock i- phones. a federal judge in new york has now ruled, the government cannot make apple unlock the iphone of a suspected drug dealer. investigators want to get contact information for other suspected dealers and buyers. that's one of a dozen similar cases across the country right now. the a-c-l-u calls the ruling a victory for privacy, security, and common sense. adding to the debate... apple has actually complied with court orders in at least 70 other cases. if you have concerns about just how safe self-driving cars really are -- this next story isn't going to help.a new incident has people talking.9 on your side's carol williams with a look. look. julie, it would make me nervous, and now google is admitting for the first time one of its cars is partially
4:48 pm says its self-driving car switched lanes to go around some sand bags and then hit a bus in mountain view, california. google says the car and test driver incorrectly assumed the bus would stop or slow down to let the car through. the company says it has now updated its software to avoid similar crashes. but that may not calm our fears about being in a self- driving car. a survey out today from triple-a shows 75-percent of people are afraid to ride in one. still a lot of us are on board with *other* types of new technology. things like automatic emergency braking, cruise control that automatically adjusts the car's speed, self-parking, or technology that keeps your car in its lane -- is all okay with more than half of drivers. safety is the top reason baby boomers want at least one of the features. millennials say it's more about convenience. the survey found the number one reason people say they don't want new technology
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their driving skills more than the technology. then, a more defined area of stronger showers and storms will push east across the tri-state through 4 p.m. this is when we could see damaging wind gusts and an isolated tornado. the storm prediction
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state in a marginal risk of severe storms, but still has the slight risk for our southern and eastern counties. highs reach the mid 50s by 2 p.m. and then temperatures fall quickly this afternoon. we'll eventually see a rain to snow transition overnight. a few isolated snow showers will come down as we head into wednesday morning with little to no accumulation. this means no worries on the roads for the wednesday morning rush. thursday will bring yet another chance of light snow but it will change over quickly to rain here in the tri-state. we are still tracking this system, so we'll let you know if anything
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this season of the bachelor might just live up to host chris harrison's promise.. of being the most dramatic in history. bachelor ben higgins has broken all the rules when it comes to his feelings. listen: listen:ben to lauren: "i love you too." ben to jojo: "i love you too." too."ben told both lauren and jojo that he loves them during last night's episode!he then sent 24 year old caila home even after she told him she was in love with him. even though viewers saw it coming, it was tough to watch
4:52 pm
in love and it hurts that he didn't but i can't help that. that.during an interview with good morning america just this morning -- ben also confessed that he is engaged!we have to wait until march 14th -- the finale -- to find out which woman he is now engaged to. next monday is *the bachelor: women tell all special at eight. 9 on your side at 5 is coming up next - 9 on your side's anchor craig mckee is here with me for a quick look at what's ahead the impact of the shooting incident at madison high was a big dose of reality
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we speak to a teacher and baseball coach from the school. he tells us about the first thing he did once he went home. it's something i'm sure many did last night as well. then a number of people we've spoken to who know the alleged shooter say they were talking like normal yesterday morning - laughing - being normal kids. on 9 on your side at 6 - a friend of the family of the 14 year old suspected shooter speaks only to 9 on your side. she describes a child far different than the one at madison high monday morning. tanya -- ad lib wrap a tri-state man arrested in north korea -- but he's not the first. is it safe to travel to that country?what one man
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please, i've made the worst mistake of my life, but please act to save me. please. think of my family. family.that's american otto warmbier .... his tearful "confession" given at a press conference in pyongyang and released yesterday ... it's not clear if this was coerced. warmbier is a cincinnati native and a wyoming gradute ... news of his detainment in north korea broke in january. few americans have seen
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and now that warmbier is being detained there, it raises ongoing questions about safety. safety. the now's fay fredricks talks to one man who traveled there, to find out what americans face. ((take vo)) mandatory courtesy: "" stretching into the sky .. the shiny yanggakdo hotel boasts a bowling alley, 6 restaurants, 2 spas, a casino ... and...sot on the lighting fixure in the ceiling there was a microphone coming down like you'd see in the old soviet union.((take vo))this is where american student otto warmbier got into trouble in pyongyang's also where adventure traveller lee abbamonte spent 3 days ... back in 2009.((sot ))if you were to ask me - what's the most interesting place in the world - my answer is north korea ... hands down ((--fpstill)) animating mapto get here ... lee flew to beijing... where he connected with a tour company that specializes in extreme exotic trips... the group then boarding a north korean charter for the 2 hour flight to pyongyang.((sot))you see exactly what they want you to see and nothing else((take vo)) monuments, the world's largest stadium, and an ornate subway ... with just one stop...
4:58 pm
glued to his side.... never allowed to interact with anyone else.((sot))if someone was taking a photo in the opposide direction of what he was talking about he'd like come over and say .. [please look this way.((take vo))lee concerned today about the 21 year old american collage student with his head bowed ... paraded in front of the cameras... accused of trying to take a political banner from the hotel.. that experience so very different from his own.((sot))everyone treated me so well - everyone was so nice - but i always knew that if you crossed them - you're at their mercy.for fredricks. u-s tourism to north korea is legal, but the state department has repeatedly traveling there. that's it from the now cincinnati.9 on your side at 5 starts right now. he showed off the gun before he fired!new witness accounts about the events leading up to the madison high school shooting. teachers juggle their own emotions - as they prepare to welcome students back to
4:59 pm
4-10"i just went home and hugged my wife and my kids and went and visited my grandkids and told them i loved them." them."plus - the extra support staff members will offer to students. rain and clouds in the tri-state.we're tracking how much longer wet weather will last.9 on your side at five starts now! the sheriff's office says he told others he had a gun!new developments in the madison high school shooting.the suspect denying charges - as teachers prepare to welcome his fellow students back to class. 20:08:13 - 20:08:19"our number one priority is to make our students feel comfortable and safe despite what happened." that was superintendent curtis philpot with his top goal.nine on your side is staying on top of new developments from the school and police. police.tonight we know the suspect showed the gun to someone else.that person was on their way to tell someone -
5:00 pm
and we know students will be back in class tomorrow. before we get to all of that - we do want to update you on the rain showers happening now in the tri-state.'s nine first warning chief meteorologist steve raleigh with the latest. we'll eventually see a rain to snow transition overnight. a few isolated snow showers will come down as we head into wednesday morning with little to no accumulation. this means no worries on the roads for the wednesday morning rush. thursday will bring yet another chance of light snow but it will change over


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